ATG Seminar 17/12/14

Tomorrow I will be presenting a seminar in the Agent Technology Center Seminar Series.

Title: On the Spectrum of On-Demand Transport Services

Abstract: Broadly speaking, on-demand transport is the transportation of passengers to and from flexible locations, at their request. However, this is only a coarse definition and in fact there are several subclasses; each with their own unique features. In this seminar, we introduce new representations for this spectrum of on-demand transport services. We observe using our representations that there are in fact gaps in the spectrum currently investigated in the literature, which leads us to on-demand transport services with new architectures. Importantly, one of these new services is consistent with the approach adopted by Uber and Lyft—two recent companies with a business model that is not well understood. To this end, we develop an agent-based model, propose a mechanism, and demonstrate key trends in the profit and efficiency of this new business model.

Talk slides will be available upon request.