ATG Seminar 18/2/15

Next Wednesday I will be presenting a seminar in the Agent Technology Center Seminar Series.

Title: Pass Go and Collect $200: The Profitable Union of Facilities and Small-Cells

Room: E-205, Department of Computer Science, CVUT (this is located at Karlovo Namesti, see

When: Wed, 18th Feb, 14:30

Abstract: Wireless cellular communication networks are undergoing a major shift: from traditional macrocell based architectures to small-cells. A key consequence of this shift is that there is potential for facilities (such as universities, mines and power plants) to own and operate their own wireless cellular networks. In this talk, I will argue that there are good economic reasons to do this, and propose leasing and service agreements to support these facility micronetworks. I will then introduce an evaluation framework based on ruin theory, where the key metric is the probability of ruin; i.e., the probability that the net profit drops below zero. I will also present new results and a methodology for evaluating the probability of ruin in this setting, which paves the way towards a business case for facility micronetworks and an understanding of how wireless network and financial considerations interact.