June Updates

(1) Trang Mai from Queen’s University Belfast is visting me from 31st May until 19th June to continue our joint work on nanoscale networking exploiting molecular communication. He will be presenting this work in Lyon on the 16th June. You can find the details here.

We are also visiting IEMN in Lille on the 13th June to present our work and discuss ongoing investigations into the coexistence problem in molecular communications.

(2) On the 22nd June I will be presenting in the INRIA POLARIS seminar in Grenoble on the topic of mechanism design for on-demand transport. You can find the details here.

(3) Between 26th June until the 30th June I will be attending the IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory. I will present joint work with Samir Perlaza and Slava Kungurtsev on our capacity sensitivity framework. You can find the paper here.

(4) I have a new paper with Andrea Tassi on arXiv.

Tassi, A. Egan, M., Piechocki, R. and Nix, A., “Modeling and design of millimeter-wave networks for highway vehicular communication,” available arXiv:1706.00298.