Updates: January 2018

(1) In October I began my current position as enseignant-chercheur in the Laboratoire CITI at INSA Lyon and INRIA.

(2) I am now an Associate Editor for IEEE Communications Letters.

(3) I am now a Guest Editor for the IEEE Access Special Section on Molecular Communication Networks with Andrew Eckford, Chan-Byoung Chae, Trung Duong, Marco Di Renzo and Arumugam Nallanathan. Details on the call can be found here. The deadline for submission is 1st August 2018.

(4) A new paper has been accepted for IEEE ICC 2018:

Malcolm Egan, Trang C. Mai, Trung Q. Duong and Marco Di Renzo, “Coordination via advection dynamics in nano networks with molecular communication”, accepted for publication in IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), (2018).

A preprint is available here.

(5) An invited paper will appear in CISS 2018:

Malcolm Egan and Samir M. Perlaza, “Capacity approximation of continuous channels by discrete inputs”, accepted for publication in CISS 2018 (Invited Paper)

A preprint is available here.

(6) In December, our paper appeared at GLOBECOM 2017:

Malcolm Egan, Laurent Clavier, Mauro de Freitas, Anne Savard and Jean-Marie Gorce, “Wireless communication in dynamic interference”, Proc. IEEE Global Communications Conference, 2017. [HAL]

(7) Our new preprint on coexistence in molecular communications is available on HAL:

Malcolm Egan, Trang C. Mai, Trung Q. Duong and Marco Di Renzo, “Coexistence in molecular communications,” 2017. [HAL]


(8) I am currently compiling a collection of references related to molecular communications, with an emphasis on methods to study the behaviour of these systems in the presence of external biochemical or biological systems. The references can be found here. This is in progress and I welcome any suggestions, which can be sent to malcolm dot egan at gmail dot com or malcom dot egan at inria dot fr.