April Updates

(1) Since the 19th March until the end of the month, I am visiting in Prof. Vincent Poor’s group in the Department of Electrical Engineering in Princeton University.

(2) On the 11th April at 3:30pm, I will present a seminar in New York University in the NYU Wireless group. Here are the details:

Title – The Information Capacity Map: Perspectives from Sensitivity Analysis

Abstract – The Shannon capacity for scalar, stationary and memoryless point-to-point channels is a fundamental concept in information theory. However for continuous non-Gaussian channels, there are no closed-form characterizations in most cases. A key question is therefore how to understand the impact of model parameters on the Shannon capacity. In this talk, I will introduce the notion of capacity sensitivity and its analysis. The analysis relies on three lemmas drawn from non-smooth optimization theory in general metric spaces and provides new insights into the impact of variations in the input constraints and the noise distribution. This talk will highlight three aspects: the generality of the methods (beyond additive absolutely continuous noise models); insights into the structure of the optimal input distribution; and on-going work into generalizations of capacity sensitivity for multi-user channels.

(3) Between the 4th-6th April, the 3rd Workshop on Molecular Communications was held in Ghent, Belgium. Unfortunately, due to the current strikes by the train service SNCF, we were unable to present our paper. Nevertheless, it can be found on HAL:

Malcolm Egan, Trung Q. Duong, Marco Di Renzo, Jean-Marie Gorce, Ido Nevat and Valeria Loscri, “Cognitive molecular communication (technical abstract),” accepted for publication in the 3rd Workshop on Molecular Communications, (2018).

The preprint for the paper can be found here.