May Updates

(1) From 7-9th May, Slava Kungurtsev from the Czech Technical University in Prague is visiting me. During his stay, he is presenting a seminar:

Title: Optimization Algorithms for Solving Problems Arising from Large Scale Machine Learning

Abstract: In the contemporary “big data” age, the use of Machine Learning models for analyzing large volumes of data has been instrumental in a lot of current technological development. These models necessitate solving very large scale optimization problems, presenting challenges in terms of developing appropriate solvers. In addition, especially for problems arising from Deep Neural Network architectures, the resulting problems are often nonconvex, and sometimes nonsmooth, giving additional difficulty.

In this talk I present the standard structural elements of this class of problems, and how these structures can be handled with appropriate parallel architectures. I discuss the state of the art in terms of optimization algorithms for this setting and summarize the prognosis for ongoing and future research.

Date: 7th May 2018, 14h00 in TDC.

(2) From 20-24th May, the IEEE International Conference on Communications will be held in Kansas City, USA. Our paper on chemical dynamics for molecular communications will appear in the Symposium on Molecular, Biological and Multi-Scale Communications:

Malcolm Egan, Trang C. Mai, Trung Q. Duong and Marco Di Renzo, “Coordination via advection dynamics in nano networks with molecular communication”, accepted for publication in IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), (2018).

The preprint is available here.