February Updates

(1) In April, I will be presenting a lecture in the 2019 European School on Information Theory. Details on the tutorials, lectures and registration can be found here.

(2) With Ce Zheng, Laurent Clavier, Gareth Peters and Jean-Marie Gorce, I have a paper accepted in IEEE International Conference on Communications:

Zheng, C., Egan, M., Clavier, L. and Gorce, J.-M., “Copula-based interference models for IoT Wireless Networks,” Proc. IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2019.

(3) On the 15th of February, Pratyush Pranav will be presenting in our seminar on information theory and its applications. The details are as follows:

Speaker: Pratyush Pranav (ENS Lyon)

Title: Algebraic topology and its application to (cosmological) data-sets

Abstract: In the last couple of decades, algebraic topology has matured from a purely theoretical field to a one with strong applicability in various research domains. Combining Morse theory, Homology and Persistent homology, this has enabled a new branch in data analysis called topological data analysis (TDA). The central tenet is based on the identification of topological changes that occur in a manifold as a function of the excursion sets of the field. The topological changes are accounted for by tracking the creation and destrution of $p$-dimensional topological holes in a $d$-dimensional manifold. Intuitively, in spatial dimensions, restricting to 3D, these changes correspond to creation and destruction of connected components, loops/tunnels and voids.

Towards the end, I will present an example of application of the formalism to the Cosmic Microwave Backgroound (CMB) radiation. The CMB is the earliest visible light in the universe, and studying its properties has the potential to reveal information about the physical processes occuring in the nascent stages of the Universe.

Time/Place: 14h on 15th February, Salle Vitrine, Building Chappe, 6 avenue des arts, Villeurbanne.