September Updates

(1) Starting on the 1st October, I will commence a new position as Chargé de Recherche (Tenured Researcher) in Inria.

(2) During the 25-27 September, I will be attending ACM NanoCom 2019 in Dublin Ireland. I will present two papers: with Bao Tang and Bayram Akdeniz,

Malcolm Egan, Bao Quoc Tang and Bayram Akdeniz, “On the Input-Output Relationship for Molecular Communications in General First-Order Chemical Reaction-Diffusion Systems,” accepted for publication in ACM NanoCom, (2019).

and with Valeria Loscri, Ido Nevat, Marco Di Renzo and Trung Duong,

Malcolm Egan, Valeria Loscri, Ido Nevat, Trung Q. Duong and Marco Di Renzo, “Estimation and Optimization for Molecular Communications with a Coexistence Constraint,” accepted for publication in ACM NanoCom, (2019).